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Question List Of  Cell Division and Cell Cycle Part 1
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1. Cell division can not be stopped in which phase of the cell cycle?

[A] . G1 phase
[B] . G2 phase
[C] . S phase
[D] . Prophase

Right Answer : S phase
Answer Description : S phase

2. What type of plant is formed when colchicine is used in the process of development of Raphanobrassica?

[A] . Autotetraploid
[B] . Haploid
[C] . Triploid
[D] . Allotetraploid

Right Answer : Allotetraploid
Answer Description : Allotetraploid

3. The non-sister chromatids twist around and exchange segments with each other during

[A] . Leptotene
[B] . Diakinesis
[C] . Diplotene
[D] . Pachytene

Right Answer : Pachytene
Answer Description : Pachytene

4. Synapsis occurs between

[A] . mRNA and ribosomes
[B] . A male and a female gamete
[D] . Spindle fibres and centromere

Right Answer : Two homologous chromosomes
Answer Description : Two homologous chromosomes

5. If you are provided with root-tips of onion in your class and are asked to count the chromosomes which of the following stages can you most conveniently look into:

[A] . Prophase
[B] . Anaphase
[C] . Telophase
[D] . Metaphase

Right Answer : Metaphase
Answer Description : Metaphase

6. Cells in G0 phase of cell cycle

[A] . Exit cell cycle
[B] . Enter cell cycle
[C] . Suspend cell cycle
[D] . Terminate cell cycle

Right Answer : Suspend cell cycle
Answer Description : Suspend cell cycle

7. Which of the following events takes place during Diplotene stage of prophase I of meiosis?

[A] . Compaction of chromosomes
[B] . Formation of synaptonemal complexes
[C] . Formation of recombinational nodules
[D] . Dissolution of synaptonemal complex

Right Answer : Dissolution of synaptonemal complex
Answer Description : Dissolution of synaptonemal complex

8. The major event that occurs during the anaphase of mitosis, which brings about the equal distribution of chromosomes, is

[A] . splitting of the centromeres
[B] . splitting of the chromatids
[C] . replication of the genetic material
[D] . condensation of the chromatin

Right Answer : splitting of the centromeres
Answer Description : splitting of the centromeres

9. Which of the following is unique to mitosis and not a part of meiosis?

[A] . Homologous chromosomes pair and form bivalents
[B] . Chromatids are separated during anaphase
[C] . Homologous chromosomes behave independently
[D] . Homologous chromosomes crossover

Right Answer : Homologous chromosomes behave independently
Answer Description : Homologous chromosomes behave independently

10. DNA replication takes place during

[A] . S phase
[B] . G2 phase
[C] . G1 phase
[D] . Prophase

Right Answer : S phase
Answer Description : S phase