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Question List Of  Important Economy MCQ For WBCS
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1. minimum cash researved fixed by law constitute

[A] . a percentage of aggregate deposite of the bank
[B] . a percentage of aggregate loan and advance of the bank
[C] . a percentage of capital reserve of the bank
[D] . None

Right Answer : a percentage of aggregate deposite of the bank
Answer Description : a percentage of aggregate deposite of the bank

2. mortgage is a :

[A] . security of a movable property for a loan
[B] . security of a immovable property for a loan
[C] . concession on immovable property
[D] . facity on immovable property

Right Answer : security of a immovable property for a loan
Answer Description : security of a immovable property for a loan

3. currency notes deposited on the currency chest are the property of:

[A] . Respective bank
[B] . RBI
[C] . govt of india
[D] . commercial bank

Right Answer : RBI
Answer Description : RBI

4. The main business of bank is to accept deposite from the public however a bank can refuse to permit opening an account on behalf of

[A] . not eligible person
[B] . artificial person
[C] . arrested person
[D] . convicted person

Right Answer : artificial person
Answer Description : artificial person

5. if a company which is not a non banking financial company wants to collect public deposit ,it is govern by ----- act.

[A] . RBI act 1934
[B] . banking companies act
[C] . companies act 1956
[D] . central government

Right Answer : companies act 1956
Answer Description : companies act 1956

6. in india it is necessary to have licensefrom the bank

[A] . section 22 banking regulation act
[B] . section 22 of RBI ACT
[C] . section 22 of nabard
[D] . KYC Guidelines by RBI

Right Answer : section 22 banking regulation act
Answer Description : section 22 banking regulation act

7. cyptocurrency is a

[A] . plastic money
[B] . digital medium of exchange
[C] . digital payment
[D] . both A&B

Right Answer : digital medium of exchange
Answer Description : digital medium of exchange

8. Which among the following is the oldest Public Sector Bank of India?

[A] . Punjab National Bank
[B] . Imperial Bank of India
[C] . Allahabad Bank
[D] . Central Bank of India

Right Answer : Allahabad Bank
Answer Description : Allahabad Bank

9. Which among the following is a qualitative tool of monetary policy?

[A] . Bank Rate
[B] . Credit Ceiling
[C] . Credit rationing
[D] . Cash Reserve Ratio

Right Answer : Credit rationing
Answer Description : Credit rationing

10. The concept of ‘Universal Banking’ was implemented in India on the recommendations of:

[A] . Abid Hussain Committee
[B] .  R H Khan Committee
[C] . S Padmanabhan Committee
[D] .  Y H Malegam Committe

Right Answer :  R H Khan Committee
Answer Description :  R H Khan Committee