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1. The hydraulic breaks used in automobiles is a direct application of

[A] . Bernouli's theorum
[B] . Toricellan law
[C] . Pascal's law
[D] . Archimedes Principal

Right Answer : Pascal's law
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2. With an ordinary balance we measure

[A] . Volume
[B] . Mass
[C] . Weight
[D] . Density

Right Answer : Mass
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3. If density of air is 1.30 g/lit, what is the volume occupied by 7.8g of air?

[A] . 10 lit
[B] . 6 lit
[C] . 6.5 lit
[D] . 10.10 lit

Right Answer : Density = mass/volume
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4. Viscosity of a liquid

[A] . Increases with increase in temperature
[B] . Decreases with increase in temperature
[C] . Independent of temperature
[D] . Decreases with increase in pressure

Right Answer : Decreases with increase in temperature
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5. When a ship enters the sea from a river, it floats up because

[A] . Sea water is warmer
[B] . The speed of the ship on the sea is greater
[C] . The density of the river water is greater
[D] . Salt water of the sea is denser

Right Answer : Salt water of the sea is denser.
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6. A ball is dropped from a given height. If its collision with the ground is fully elastic, it will reach a height

[A] . Less than before
[B] . Same as before
[C] . More than before
[D] . Height will not depend on a elasticity

Right Answer : More than before
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7. When a body is lifted by hand, what type of work is performed by hand?

[A] . First type of lever
[B] . Second type of lever
[C] . Third type of lever
[D] . Simple machine

Right Answer : Batting is an example of third type of lever.
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8. Two ends of a tube is closed by corks so that the tube become airtight. The pressure of air inside the closed tube is

[A] . Very small
[B] . Slightly less than the atmospheric pressure
[C] . Equal to the atmospheric pressure
[D] . Dependent on the length of the tube

Right Answer : Equal to the atmospheric pressure
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9. After a shower it becomes difficult to drive a car at high speed on the wet Road because

[A] . Friction decreases
[B] . Friction increases
[C] . Friction becomes zero
[D] . More force cannot be applied on the car

Right Answer : Friction decreases
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10. A piece of cotton cloth gets wet if one end of it is dipped in water in a gas. This is due to

[A] . Gravitation
[B] . Viscosity
[C] . Elasticity
[D] . Capillary

Right Answer : Example of capillary action is drinking water through the straw, paper towels absorb liquid, ink to the tips of fountain pen nibs from a reservoir or cartridge inside the pen.
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11. A tube well will not work if the depth of water below the ground is

[A] . 20 ft
[B] . 25 ft
[C] . 28 ft
[D] . 38 ft

Right Answer : 28 ft
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